Bash and Block is a massive local multiplayer game in which players attempt to rush a large ball into their teams goal. Players connect using the web browser on their phone and are dropped randomly into one of four teams allowing them to quickly jump in and play.  After going to the link shown on the screen it would lead to a joystick where they could then control their characters on a bigger screen, in this case, the Imperial cinema in Copenhagen. The goal of the game was to move towards the ball with your team and bring it back to your goal. 

I created the initial design of the game along with all the visuals. So far the most amount of people we managed to get playing at the same time is 150. 

It was built at Nordic Game jam 2016 for the Google Chrome cast under the name ENURENDO where it won the Best Chromecast Game Award presented by Google. After the game jam the game was polished up by Half Past Yellow and showcased at Google I/O 2016 and the Google I/O After Hours event in San Francisco.

~half past yellow and friends