I make games and draw things with pens and voxels. ;)

Things i'm working on:

  • Art Direction for mobile game Tiny Tomb
  • Project management and UI/UX for an unannounced app.


  • UI/UX as well as game and level design documentation(concepts & mockups) for HeroBlocks.
  • Low poly and voxel modelling for a mobile game, OIL.

Where I work:

I am the art director & co-founder at half past yellow, a studio in Copenhagen that develops all kinds of digital work, our own as well as clients. We try to mainly focus on games.

So i'm pretty busy just now and won't have time for any new projects for a little while. BUT! if you have something interesting you could see me a part of, just send me an email and we can talk about it.


Most recent played game: PAN-PAN ❤